Grizzly Lacrosse Fall 2024/Summer 2025 Tryouts Now Open!

Tryouts are conducted by graduating year. Click the button to learn more and register.




Discover the Grizzly Lacrosse Experience

Join Grizzly Lacrosse Club, where boys from grades 2 through 11 find their passion and purpose on the lacrosse field. Our program transcends traditional seasons, offering year-round engagement to nurture skill, competitiveness, and team spirit. From intensive fall and summer tournament seasons to off-season training, we provide a comprehensive pathway for growth and excellence.

Led by experienced coaches, our athletes develop in an environment that emphasizes not just lacrosse IQ but character building, preparing them for success beyond the field. Discover a club committed to shaping formidable players and well-rounded individuals, where every goal scored is a step toward personal and team achievement.


Meet Our Coaching Staff

Dive into the heart of our lacrosse club by getting to know the dedicated coaches who bring their passion, expertise, and unique strategies to our teams. Our Coaching Staff page offers an inside look at the experienced individuals guiding our players to excellence. From their rich playing backgrounds to their inspiring coaching journeys, discover what makes our team leaders stand out. Click below to learn more about the mentors ready to take your child's lacrosse skills to the next level.

Elevate Your Game with Our Training & Clinics

At Grizzly Lacrosse Club, we're committed to refining the skills and nurturing the potential of every player through our comprehensive training and clinics program. Our approach emphasizes high-repetition practices to ensure consistency, creativity, and strategic thinking—transforming lacrosse into both an art and a sport. Dive into a world where drills and exercises are designed not just for skill enhancement but for fostering an environment where players can freely express their individuality and outthink their opponents on the field.

With year-round training and clinic opportunities, our training program is tailored to meet the needs and ambitions of our athletes, ensuring they're always at their best. This includes exclusive access to specialized clinics, like a Pro-Skills Shooting Clinic and an Off-Season Indoor Training Program, offering a unique chance to elevate your game alongside professional expertise.

Discover more about our dynamic training programs and clinics designed to propel your lacrosse journey forward. Click below to explore the full range of opportunities waiting to unlock your potential.



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