The Grizzly Lacrosse Offseason Indoor Training Program is designed to enhance the skills and fundamentals of current players during the gap between the fall and summer seasons. Conducted at various indoor facilities around the Rochester area, the program aims to provide intensive skill work and tactical understanding to ensure players maintain their competitive edge and continue their development during the offseason.

Training Objectives:

  • Skill Enhancement: Focus on improving individual skills such as stick handling, passing, catching, shooting, ground balls, and defensive positioning.
  • Fitness Conditioning: Implement drills and exercises to enhance players' speed, agility, endurance, and overall athleticism to prepare them for the demands of the upcoming season.
  • Tactical Understanding: Develop a deeper understanding of offensive and defensive strategies, set plays, game situations, and decision-making on the field.
  • Team Cohesion: Foster a sense of unity, teamwork, and communication among players through group activities, scrimmages, and team-building exercises.

Training Components:

  • Drills and Stations: Rotate through various skill-specific drills and stations led by experienced coaches to target different aspects of the game.
  • Positional Training: Provide specialized coaching for different positions, including attack, midfield, defense, and goalie, to refine position-specific skills and tactics.
  • Scrimmages and Game Simulation: Engage in controlled scrimmages and game simulations to apply learned skills and tactics in a competitive environment.

The Grizzly Lacrosse Offseason Indoor Training Program offers a comprehensive and structured approach to offseason development for current players. By focusing on skill enhancement, tactical understanding, and team cohesion, the program aims to prepare players physically and mentally for the challenges of the upcoming summer season while fostering a supportive and competitive learning environment.


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