Brian Gibbons is the dedicated coach of the 2030 Grizzly team, bringing a lifetime of lacrosse experience and a deep commitment to youth development to our club. A Fairport native, Brian's lacrosse journey began at age 5, inspired by a local team’s practice session. His early passion for the sport led him to a successful high school career at Fairport and continued through his college years at Herkimer CCC and MCC, where he contributed to winning several Section V titles.

Since 2013, Brian has been coaching youth lacrosse, starting with his daughter’s team before transitioning to his son's team, the current 2030 Grizzly team. His coaching philosophy centers on activity and positioning, teaching players to excel both defensively and offensively through strategic movement and situational awareness.

Brian's coaching style is heavily influenced by several mentors, including Jared Champion, Coach Randy Garrett, Coach Mike Torrelli, and Coach Gianni Bussani, who shaped his approach to the game. The highlight of his coaching career is the personal connections he makes with his players, valuing the moments of recognition and joy off the field as much as the achievements on it.

Motivating his team and fostering an inclusive and engaging environment are among Brian’s top priorities. He focuses on boosting players’ confidence by leveraging their natural strengths and diligently working on areas that need improvement. His goal for every player, regardless of their path in lacrosse, is to love the game and give their best effort, reflecting the true spirit of the sport.

Brian stays current in coaching strategies through continuous dialogue with fellow coaches, ensuring that his methods evolve alongside the game. His commitment to the Grizzly Lacrosse Club and its players is driven by a desire to see each child develop not only as an athlete but also as a confident and active participant in their own life.