Coach Bryan Coon's involvement in lacrosse began in 7th grade, quickly becoming his primary sport through robust support from coaches and family. This early exposure laid a solid foundation for his eventual coaching career, which he embarked on to guide his own children and their teams.

Now with over eight years of coaching experience, Bryan brings a focused approach to Team 2032, emphasizing lacrosse IQ, decision-making, and fundamental skills. His coaching style integrates lessons from his mentors and his own playing days to push players towards excellence.

Bryan simplifies the complexities of lacrosse, ensuring that fundamental principles are at the core of team training. He keeps his coaching methods up-to-date by engaging with resources like US Lacrosse, ensuring his techniques remain relevant and effective.

Committed to nurturing not just the athletic abilities but also the character and teamwork skills of his players, Bryan's dedication marks him as a pivotal figure in both Team 2032 and the wider lacrosse community.