2026 COACH

Coach Chris Nadelen, a Henrietta, NY native, has been deeply immersed in lacrosse from a young age, inspired by childhood games and collegiate matches at Hobart, Nazareth, and Syracuse. His early passion for the game led him to Nazareth College, where he earned All-American honors and captured back-to-back National Championship titles in 1996 and 1997, also setting lasting records in face-offs.

Chris’s involvement in lacrosse extends beyond his collegiate achievements; he remains an active participant in local box lacrosse games and the annual Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament, demonstrating his sustained commitment to both playing and coaching the sport for over 35 years.

The transition from player to coach was seamless for Chris, fueled by his passion for lacrosse and a dynamic coaching style that demands high effort and focus from his players. His coaching philosophy emphasizes personal growth, pushing players to explore their potential and instilling values like integrity and determination.

A memorable moment in Chris's coaching career was playing alongside his son and brother in a box game, highlighting the familial bonds and lasting memories created through lacrosse. Chris continues to foster a love for the game in his team, advocating for joy in play and a commitment to excellence as fundamental to success in lacrosse and life.

Coach Chris Nadelen's career reflects a lifelong dedication to lacrosse, marked by significant contributions as a player, coach, and mentor at Grizzly Lacrosse Club. His influence extends beyond technical skills, shaping character and inspiring players to achieve their best on and off the field.