Coach David Graham, a Nazareth College alum from Watertown, NY, now coaches the Grizzly 2029 team in Penfield, where he resides with his family. His lacrosse career began in 7th grade, leading to significant roles at Immaculate Heart Central and Nazareth College, where he notably scored the game-winning goal in the Empire 8 Championship overtime, advancing his team to the NCAA tournament.

Transitioning into coaching to foster his son's interest in lacrosse, David has been coaching the Penfield Youth lacrosse team and the Grizzly 2029 team for over five years. His coaching focuses on making lacrosse fun and fundamental, drawing on influences from his college coach, Coach Nelson, to emphasize personal growth and team cohesion.

David commits to developing each player's unique skills and fostering team spirit through off-season bonding events. He stays updated with the latest coaching strategies through continuous professional development. Coach Graham's approach is centered on improving team competitiveness and enhancing the overall lacrosse experience for his players.