TEAM 2034/2035 COACH

Coach Jimmy Schultheis, originally from Long Island, brings a wealth of experience to his role as a youth lacrosse coach, stemming from his own playing days that began at West Islip High School and continued at Nazareth College. Here, he played in a national championship during his freshman year, highlighting his collegiate lacrosse career with significant achievements.

Transitioning from player to coach, Jimmy was motivated by his desire to pass on his passion for lacrosse to his sons and their peers. He has spent over six years coaching youth lacrosse, focusing on making the sport enjoyable and educational for young players. His coaching philosophy was significantly shaped by his high school coach, Scott Craig, who influenced him to adopt a more aggressive playing style, leading him to become his team's leading goal scorer in his senior year.

Jimmy emphasizes fun in his coaching, aiming to keep young players engaged by incorporating their feedback into practice activities. This approach helps maintain concentration and interest, fostering a productive learning environment. He continuously updates his coaching methods through collaboration with coaches nationwide, ensuring his techniques are current and effective.

As a coach, Jimmy Schultheis is committed to developing not just lacrosse skills but also a lasting appreciation for the sport, aiming to ensure all participants—players and their families alike—enjoy the lacrosse experience.