Coach Sean Metz began his lacrosse journey in middle school, transitioning from hockey to lacrosse where he quickly developed a strong affinity for the sport. Playing both defense and attack, Sean built a solid foundation that led to a long-standing coaching career. He has coached at Brighton High School at all levels from Modified to Varsity and has extensive experience with youth lacrosse, having coached his children's town teams from their early years.

Sean’s coaching style is characterized by his philosophy of guided discovery, which aims to enhance players' existing skills while introducing new strategies. His coaching tenure includes significant achievements such as being named AGR Coach of the Year and leading teams to multiple sectional titles and state finals appearances.

Dedicated to continuous learning, Sean actively engages with coaching resources, watches games, and collaborates with fellow coaches to stay updated with the latest lacrosse strategies. His goal is to foster a love for lacrosse in young athletes, guiding them to develop their skills and embrace the sport’s community spirit. Coach Metz's approach not only improves players’ lacrosse abilities but also emphasizes personal growth and teamwork.